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Alex’s Banana-Nut Oatmeal Cookies

I made these for our friend Alex’s 25th birthday.  Alex is one of those people who seems to have more hours in his day than others.  Somehow, he works a 40+ hour/week job, trains on and races his bike, completes … Continue reading

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Tropical Banana Cake with Fluffy Maple Coconut Frosting

“Tropical Banana Cake with Maple Coconut Frosting”–say that five times fast.  I figured it was high time (hardyharhar) to make a real, honest-to-goodness cake–not cupcakes or muffins, but an actual cake, with layers and crap. If you have little more … Continue reading

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Monkey Muffins

Bananas and chocolate chips–what more do you want from a breakfast?  I mean, really?  They’re everything you could want to start they day: a happy little marriage of muffin and cupcake…like muffin-cakes…or cu-ffins. While I can’t personally attest to their … Continue reading

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Ode to a Ripe Banana

So, unless you’re a whack-job like me, you may not always have a ton of ripe bananas just laying around…or languishing in the freezer. If you need to ripen your monkey snacks fast, just toss them in the microwave for … Continue reading

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Blueberry Banana Bread with Walnuts

So trust me: this bread is really yummy. No–like, really really yummy. It’s super-soft, super-moist, and nicely sweet…kind of like cake, but better. It’s a great breakfast too, perhaps toasted with a big mug o’ coffee… This recipe makes one … Continue reading

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